Sunday, October 1, 2023

Eternal Tombs: A Fresh Take on MMORPGs with a Player-Centric Approach

The MMORPG landscape is vast, with many titles vying for players' attention. However, every so often, a game emerges that promises to shake things up. "Eternal Tombs" is one such title, and its recent gameplay demo and walkthrough have garnered significant attention on the r/MMORPG subreddit.

A Glimpse into Eternal Tombs

The official gameplay demo and walkthrough of "Eternal Tombs" offers a comprehensive look into various aspects of the game. From purchasing and quests to combat and crafting, the video showcases a rich and immersive MMORPG experience. One of the standout features is the Tomb Master Portal system, hinting at a unique gameplay mechanic that sets "Eternal Tombs" apart from its peers.

No Microtransactions, Pure Gameplay

In an era where microtransactions dominate the gaming landscape, "Eternal Tombs" takes a bold stance. The game is entirely free of microtransactions. All gear, cosmetics, experience, and gameplay items are earned solely through in-game efforts. This approach ensures that players feel a genuine sense of accomplishment and achievement, devoid of any pay-to-win elements.

Community Reactions

The r/MMORPG community has responded positively to the game's reveal. One user, I_Need_Capital_Now, praised the game's ambitious yet achievable goals and highlighted the impressive mob design. Another user, Scared_Double7791, commented on the need for animation improvements but expressed optimism given the game's pre-alpha status.

The game's Creative Director, Josh (joshcaba), engaged with the community, expressing gratitude for the positive feedback and emphasizing the hard work and love poured into the game's development.

Monetization Queries

A point of discussion among users was the game's monetization strategy. Given the absence of microtransactions, users wondered about the game's revenue model. It was clarified that "Eternal Tombs" would have a box price, with an optional subscription for players with more than two characters.


"Eternal Tombs" promises a refreshing MMORPG experience, emphasizing player satisfaction over monetization. With its unique features and player-centric approach, it's a title that MMORPG enthusiasts should keep on their radar.

For a detailed look at the game and community reactions, visit the discussion on r/MMORPG.

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