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The Possibility of Classic+ in World of Warcraft: A New Take on Blizzard's Iconic MMORPG


World of Warcraft (WoW) has been a cornerstone in the MMORPG genre since its release in 2004. The game has evolved tremendously over the years, with numerous expansions and updates shaping the landscape of Azeroth. However, the demand for a more nostalgic experience led to the launch of World of Warcraft Classic in 2019. Now, there's a growing interest in the possibility of a "Classic+" version of the game. In this article, we explore what Classic+ could mean for the WoW community and how it might impact the game's future.

The Concept of Classic+

Classic+ refers to the idea of expanding upon the World of Warcraft Classic experience by introducing new content, features, and improvements while preserving the game's original design philosophy. This concept has gained traction among fans seeking a more authentic and old-school WoW experience, without the complexities and changes brought by the game's many expansions.

Classic+ Potential Features

While the concept of Classic+ is still purely speculative, fans have proposed several features and changes that could be implemented to enhance the Classic experience:

  1. New zones and dungeons: Classic+ could introduce new zones and dungeons that fit within the original game's aesthetic and design philosophy. These additions would provide players with fresh content to explore while maintaining the Classic feel.
  2. Class balancing: One of the primary concerns in WoW Classic is class balance, as certain classes and specializations are considered less viable than others. Classic+ could address these balance issues by making adjustments to underperforming classes, ensuring a more diverse and enjoyable gameplay experience.
  3. Quality of life improvements: Classic+ could introduce quality of life improvements to streamline certain aspects of the game, such as the user interface, inventory management, and quest tracking. These changes would improve the overall player experience without compromising the game's original design.
  4. Community-driven content: A unique aspect of Classic+ could be the inclusion of community-driven content, such as custom dungeons or player-created quests. This approach would foster a sense of ownership and involvement within the player base and keep the game's content fresh and engaging.

Impact on the WoW Community

The introduction of Classic+ could have several implications for the WoW community:

  1. Catering to different player preferences: Classic+ would cater to players who appreciate the original WoW experience but are also interested in new content and improvements. This approach would provide an alternative to the current retail version of the game, allowing players to choose the experience that best suits their preferences.
  2. Revitalizing the Classic player base: Classic+ could bring new life to the WoW Classic community by offering fresh content and attracting players who may have become disinterested in the original game.
  3. Encouraging player creativity: By embracing community-driven content, Classic+ could foster a more creative and engaged player base, as players become involved in shaping the game's direction and content.


The possibility of Classic+ in World of Warcraft represents an exciting opportunity for both new and veteran players to experience a fresh take on the game's original design. By introducing new content, balancing changes, and quality of life improvements, Classic+ could reinvigorate the WoW Classic community and provide an alternative for players seeking a more authentic and old-school experience. While still a speculative concept, Classic+ demonstrates the enduring appeal of World of Warcraft and the potential for innovation within the beloved MMORPG.

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