Monday, August 15, 2022

SWTOR as a WoW/FFXIV Alternative

This might not be for everyone but for me it's exactly what I've been looking for. I've played this game a ton over the years and have several endgame characters, but hadn't played it since maybe last year. I had been playing TBC Classic but it got boring, and the announcement that WOTLK won't have a dungeon finder, nor can I race change my NE Priest to BE so I can play it with my guild along with my BE Pally, really knocked the wind out of my sails a bit.

Retail WoW and FFXIV I have played recently enough to know how they play and the combat, fight design, and community cultures just aren't what I'm looking for right now. But I really wanted to heal some dungeons and just have a game I could hop into when I wanted stuff to grind and people to heal. There are plenty of games I can hop into to casually run around doing whatever - I've had GW2 and LOTRO installed recently for that. But I needed a good, oldschool feeling themepark for traditional endgame fun.

Well I reinstalled and resubbed to SWTOR recently and have been having a blast. The combat, class design, and fights are more the WOTLK era design that I've been looking for. The community is great as always, and there's a ton for me to do at endgame. They've had a good amount of content there for years but the new expansion revamped the gearing system so I have even more things to grind and reasons to go do group content and heal people and that's making me happy. On top of all of that, it has modern conveniences I wanted like group finder, updated UI, and all the other goodies we've all come to expect.

So just wanted to throw it out there if anyone else is on the lookout like me for an alternative themepark, consider getting into SWTOR. It gets a lot of praise for it's story but little is said about it's endgame and it's really good, especially if you're looking for an older school feel instead of the over complicated highly rushed succeed or die designs that WoW and FFXIV tend to go for these days.

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