Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Video proof that New World is client authoritative and how to cheat simply by dragging window

This video was posted on the official new world subreddit but the video link was removed. Everything else aside, I think this will be the final nail that sinks new world since it is pvp centric and cheats like this will ruin the game very quickly. I dont believe in amazon's ability to address this given their customer support track of records. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.


Here is the explanation of the exploit if you dont want to watch the video (the video is actually not mine).

First you need to play in windowed mode.

Case 1: while you are in the air after jumping, click and hold the game window and drag it around. Other players will see you being suspended in the air and stop falling.

Case 2: while you are being attacked, do the same thing. You wont die because the client cannot verify your hp.

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