Friday, February 5, 2021

The Rise and Fall of Virtual Reality Porn Games

The promise of virtual reality has always been amazing and people have been trying to realize it for decades. Any new technology that explodes onto the scene is always going to be followed very closely by adult content. The idea of being able to watch movies in your home with a VCR was something that changed the way we live our lives and it was the adult porn industry that helped make it happen. Watching porn on a cassette rather than in a theater is a huge reason why we can stream anything we want to our devices today and VR is no different. Anyone can play VR porn games and that’s what’s helping to make VR so prolific.

Crude beginnings

The start of virtual reality can really be traced back to the 1950s. A device called the Sensorama promised to deliver 3D movies with stereo sound and wide vision, but it didn’t end there. Men and women who sat on the massive machines would be treated to wind, smells, and vibrations, that promised to make them feel like they were a part of what they were watching. If course, the problem was that there just wasn’t any kind of technology to keep up with the vision and it quickly faded away.

PCs helped along the way

Fast forward to the 90s and you have a world where the personal computer is exploding. More and more people have them in their homes and they’re able to experiment with them to find out just what they could do. A small part of the population flung itself headlong into the virtual world, but the difference from reality made it too much of a niche interest. Graphics were rough and it would soon be overshadowed by the coming of the internet age.

The Oculus Rift

All of that changed when a man born in the late days of VR decided to build a device that could help it actually live up to its potential. With money from hopeful donors around the world, Palmer Luckey created the Oculus Rift and changed the way that we all think about virtual reality. Being able to actually wear a headset and walk through fully rendered landscapes offered the kind of immersion that people had been trying to create since the 50s. it was the start of a whole new industry that’s currently worth billions and redefining itself all of the time.

Porn in VR

As with the VCR, this new technology was ready to be imbued with the power of porn. VR porn videos lent themselves perfectly to the new headsets. All it took was a 360˚ camera and any person could find him or herself in the middle of an adult video that made them the stars. It was a revolution that’s still creating new and better versions of itself today. It remains the highest level of porn enjoyment that anyone can have and it’s never going to be going anywhere.

VR porn games

Following hot on the heels of VR porn videos were, of course, VR porn games. They serve as a meshing of VR gaming and adult entertainment. You’re not simply playing a game on a screen; you’re an active part of it. You get to do anything you want once you put on the headset and that’s the draw. As VR porn games grow in popularity, so too will their creativity and interactivity. You can currently find another person, or group of people, anywhere in the world and have virtual sex with them. There’s no telling just how far this new way of having sex will go in the future.

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