Monday, November 4, 2019

Ashes of Creation is a Scam?!

I have been a AoC backer since the KS and was very positive until the BR stuff started. I made a vid you may have seen called "WTF Happened to Ashes of Creation" but since then I have been quiet, waiting to see if AoC does anything.

A few days ago I saw a video from KiraTV and it started me thinking if AoC was really a scam or if it has just been horribly mismanaged.But a lot of the Steam reviews and even comments on my old vids said the same thing.

So I decided to look into it. I defined it as a scam if it met two requirements (1) The project was misleading (2) primary goal is monetary gain. Then I filled in a list of examples I could think of off the top of my head.



  • Kickstarter was for an MMO - they released a Battle Royale (so far)
  • Constantly changing time tables
  • "Exclusive" Kickstarter lifetimes sub - offered again in the summer
  • after stating they would self publish
  • Nodes 3 information (told "soon" repeatedly but still not released, shows lack of MMO systems available to show)
  • Silencing critics, Discord bans, Twitter etc. with no real reason given besides "toxic" (DeathsProxy, itsZiz & more)
  • Battle Royale was for "testing only" but is not permenant after MMO launch & heavily monetized

Focus on $$$ - their blatant focus on over monetizing the BR that was supposed to be just for testing

  • Discord spam pings for cash shop (dozens compared to 1 ping for Apex in 6months)
  • Email updates are 1/2 sales information
  • Most fleshed out system is the cash shop
  • Skins costing up to $20 (and most are just a different HUE, not even new models)
  • Intentionally hired a Community "Marketing" manager (shows where their focus is at)
I came into this not sure if it was intentionally a scam or just gross incompetence (I'm talking about the management of the project not the devs doing code/arftwork). Even after all that I'm honestly still not sure.

I hope we get the siege mode soon so we can see how some MMO systems/classes work.

PS. I have had a lot of people ask why I made this video, doesn't it just hurt the project? When I make videos my goal is to inform fellow gamers, not to make the devs feel warm and fuzzy. If/when they do something I can report positively on I will.

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