Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Death of a Game: Rift

I had no idea trion was so poorly managed. I knew their forum mods were militant, but not the company as a whole. I thought this was a pretty good objective video.

The video seemed like a reasonable run down to me (watched the whole thing this morning Oz time). Interesting to see the three players mentioned, all of whom I am familiar with from Youtube, forums or in game. Munch still peeks in now and again.

The criticisms were valid ... Rift was going well, but the money was stripped away to other titles which largely failed and Rift was left to whither towards the end as Trion tried different cash grabs with increasingly desperate measures. The most blatant was the promised polished, paid for, SFP (Supreme Fishing Patch, as I call it) expansion.

I only played in alpha (got bored ... game was a WoW clone in too many ways at that time) and rejoined at the start of F2P because I was between MMOs. I have played since, and am a serial MMO monogamist. So I have been here for the last 5 years or so, and itching to get to somthing new. Patron expired a couple weeks ago and I have no intention of renewing barring an absolute miracle.

Personally the main detractions for me were the obviously slowing roll out of (raid) content, the increasingly obvious cash grabs and Brasse's absolute toxicity towards anyone who vaguely criticised Trion's approach to Rift. From all accounts Elrar was a great CSM, and I am sorry I missed his tenure (I wasn't active on the forums when I started playing live), but Brasse... GL with her Pantheon.

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