Tuesday, May 8, 2018

MMO's need more PvE.

Alright before everyone gets upset hear me out I mean general activities. I see a big issue with MMO's is the lack of development, most open world single player games have more of an alive world than current MMO's. I think the genre is stuck in this vicious cycle of PvE only being raids and dungeons, a cycle which is killing the genre.

I think the genre needs to innovate. People want to play MMO's for that open virtual world feeling. They want to feel like they are in another world not just raid for gear. MMO's seem to have forgotten the reason people play them. I think they need to focus on creating open engaging worlds, they need to give people reasons to explore. MMO's should have farming, player shops, housing, in game casinos(purely in game), built in mini games like a card game, extensive crafting, watchable gladiator arenas, trading, sailing, the list goes on. This focus on raiding just seems like the easy way out and when a developer tries these other features they do it half arsed and never really commit.

I think this stuff about people only want PvP and MMO's need to be full Pvp is not really going to take off, don't get me wrong I love PvP and MMO's definitely need it, it's essential part of the game , but the focus should always be about creating a vibrant virtual world first . I also think instead of looking at MMO's as PvE and PvP we should also be using another term with them to describe all the actives and features you can do to make the game feel Alive or rethink what we mean by PvE.

Would love to hear what you think?

tl;dr:MMO's don't need to focus on competitive PvP they need to focus on making the game world more alive and feel like a real virtual world.

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