Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I'm quite enjoying Star Trek Online, and you might too

Let me start with this, I only played 5 hours of it (wanted to play bit more before writing this but the servers are just about to go down for a maintenance as of writing this)

I liked Star Wars when I was little and I like Mecha animes but never got around watching Star Trek until recently (finished Discovery, Enterprise and nearing the end of The Next Generation) and I quite enjoy it. But I never really found a space game that I really enjoyed the closest one was Fractured Space but I always found myself playing a regular moba instead of a space one.

I haven't heard much about Star Trek Online, and I always thought it's just a low effort cash grab game that relies on a popular IP. It's definitely not the case. Also, I was expecting a slow paced, boring space combat, I couldn't have been further from the truth, it's actually pretty action packed. And the screenshots/videos doesn't really do justice to its graphics.

The main missions (at least at the beginning) are fully voice acted, the ground combat has some interesting features like flanking, crouching (while you crouch you deal more damage in ranged combat but enemies hit you harder in melee) and an expose and exploit system (you can expose weak point with X weapons and other people can use exploit skills on Y weapons to deal high amount of damage to them). You can also bring your crew with you on mission similar to how Guild Wars 1 hero system worked.

In space, you can switch between different modes (stances) speed/damage/shield/all-rounder, depending on what mode you are in you have increased stats in that regard and lower in others, you'll be able to make some tactical decisions with this, for example if you have allies and the enemy focused on them go full damage, but if they attack you switch to defensive mode. You also have different kind of skills and different weapons good for different things (some good ad destroying shield, some good at destroying the hull)

I think the last time I enjoyed an early game of an MMORPG as much as Star Trek Onlines was when I stumbled upon the investigation mission in The Secret World. It really felt like that I actually want on an important mission and saved lives not just went on a quest to hunt some boars.

I'm quite sad that I never got myself to play this game before and if you are like me who never though much about it I would really suggest you to try it out and see it for yourself.

I can't speak for the end game, or how pay to win the game is (it doesn't matter for me I wouldn't want to be the best player ever anyway) but the 5 hours I've spent on it I thoroughly enjoyed.

Extra note: If you watched Star Trek you will really appreciate how accurately they replicated things for the game (the academy, ships, the ship layout)

Hope you'll have as much fun as I'm having with it right now

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