Sunday, December 17, 2017

Trion backs down over $100 lootboxes

After the pay to win boxes for Rift last week and the decision to remove them after a huge backlash, yesterday they decided to sell $100 lootboxes for RNG mounts (a total of $4200 to get them all), as that was obviously going to go down really well.

After Jim Sterling got hold of the news, and made a video tearing them to shreds, they were quick to remove them with the usual "sorry, we made a mistake (sorry, we got caught)" excuses.

The video is here and is well worth a watch:

This might come across as negative, but this changes nothing. These shit practices are all across the genre and every multiplayer game.

Forget about the price, that's a terrible argument to make. "Oh it's 100! That's too much. If it was 10$ on the other hand..."

These shitty RNG business practices have to be condemned and exposed as much as possible. Lootboxes of any sort are just detrimental to gameplay. Put the fucking mount on sale for XX$ instead, at least then whoever wants it can get exactly what they value at XX$.

I've mentioned this for ESO as well (before you decide to mention my flair), so Zenimax and their shitty gambling boxes don't get a cut.

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