Friday, November 3, 2017

Recently got back into GW2 after a multi-year break.

So, I basically had the MMO itch that most here are familiar with. Thought about several games in the market and tried most of them, and ultimately ended up looking at GW2 again.

I was a very dedicated GW1 player, and played GW2 during open beta and a few months after launch. I decided the game wasn't for me because ArenaNet was straying too much from their Manifesto. And they did implement several things in the game that they said they wouldn't. So this made me grow a tiny bit bitter of it, before trying it out again 2 weeks ago.

GOD. DAMN. It is another game. I purchased the two expansions and the living story, and there is just SO MUCH to do in the game. I can't believe the amount of content it offers for a buy to play title. There is a multitude of activities depending on what you like to do in an MMO, and the best part is that there is absolutely ZERO required grind to do stuffs - except if you want to get into the very top of playerbase that do dedicated raiding, at which point you will have to grind and learn rotations, but this is the same for basically every MMO.

They recently added mounts, and I must say: it is the absolutely BEST implementation I have ever seen on a MMO. The mounts feel alive, it feels like they grow with you (they indeed do) and they take a very important role on story quests and world exploration.

The customization options are basically endless. You will NEVER find anyone looking like you.

The developers seems to be extremely active as well. I have always criticized ArenaNet for their obvious focus on the gem store on GW2, but it seems like in the past few years or months they have put their shit together and are actively working on balancing the game out and fixing general problems.

Overall, my recent endeavor in the game has ended my previous grips with the game, and I fell in love with it again. It has sparked again that MMO flame in me, much to my surprise - was looking at a simple time killer.

So, this is my advice before you ask for suggestions here: try the game out!

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