Monday, March 6, 2017

Make baseline $200/week botting gold in Vanilla WoW (insane demand)

I've been able to find success in making a couple extra hundred bucks a week from botting gold on Elysium. They have 4 new servers that just launched not long ago and there's tens of thousands of people.. the economy of the server is dominated by gold sellers and most everybody in the upper echelon buys gold. Everyone's mailbox on Darrowshire is full due to gold sellers, constant whispers 24/7, bank in Orgrimmar has more level 1s than on retail, etc. It's booming. Great time to get into it and getting started with a bot is really cheap.

As for getting your money, it's not a question of if or when or hassling for a sale- you message any of the resellers and they will cut you a deal. Due to inflation, gold is able to be covertly sold through the Auction House. (if your preference is daily sales) Perfect market for anyone who wants to get some extra bucks. It's not situational income at all- everyone needs gold.

If anyone is interested in trying this market out, please let me know. I will answer any questions you may have below, or you can add me to Skype.

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