Monday, October 31, 2016

The Secret World does "puzzle raid"

The Secret World in current Halloween event implemented "puzzle raid" - which i find to be new concept so decided to share and see what people think about it

TSW has investigation missions that require players to use both in game lore & real life knowledge to solve them and in "puzzle raid" devs are trying to incorporate that with group coordination & cooperation

so how does this works?

1: the first thing to happen is that "rider" arrives on some adventure map and everyone on that map gets message about it - those people call for more players (community made special "Event" global custom chat channel for that)

2: players begin to search map for special mobs that appeared with rider and kill them - as more mobs die candles around rider start to light up and when 5 are lit rider summons world-boss and everyone kill it (rider disappears if candles not lit in allotted time)

3: by analyzing WB drops and lore it was discovered that there is possibility to summon "empowered" version of world boss which in addition to process i described required at exact time of summoning in 3 different specific places on map for players to do /pray emote (each place requires specific number of players to do that in exact time) and one player uses item that drops from regular WB on rider - everything need to happen simultaneously

4: this "empowered" WB had some drops that have no known use which lead community to deduce that there is at least one more tier to this later it was discovered that when WB dies his "soul" can be seen by dead players in vicinity and it travels to some specific place where some strange runes appear (visible only to dead players) - this currently is the tier TSW community is trying to figure out
so what do you guys think about the concept of "puzzle raid"?


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