Monday, August 15, 2016

Warspear Online Gets Major Boost with Engineer's Madness Update

Ok, Engineer's Madness is actually more than just an may even qualify as an expansion pack in some people's books, as it carries all the traits of one: it adds new lands, raises the level cap, there are new bosses included in it as well as new items and accessories, not to mention the new storylines and the tons of new content.

Warspear Online, a superb little MMORPG available on mobile for those nostalgic of the retro look of the first such games, has indeed been out for a while, and it has - by all accounts - long been overdue for an update. Engineer's Madness delivers that update and much, much more.

Even though it's a mobile game, Warspear is the Total MMO Package. It lacks none of the defining features of PC-based MMOs: it has beautiful, retro graphics, it has quests, solo dungeons, raid dungeons, guilds and PvP...

Though - as said above - it delivers tons of content in different ways, the Engineer's Madness update is centered around the Engineer, a top boss endowed with sophisticated behavioral mechanics which make him extremely difficult to defeat, even in teams. In addition, there are no fewer than 9 mini-bosses included with the update, each of whom control their own little turf, except one, who likes to roam around.

The new area is called the Flying Islands, and it's where all the new content is focused. The character level cap has been raised to 28, and there are new legendary and rare items to equip once those higher levels are reached.

The Crafting System has been overhauled as well. Craft development levels have been raised to 17 and 18, which not only means that new rare and unique items can be crafted, it has also become easier to craft these items.

The update is available through Google Play.

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