Monday, August 1, 2016

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Release Date and Updates: Modern MMORPG Will EverQuest Qualities?

Back in March, Gamers Nexus had an interview with the MMORPG visionary Brad McQuaid to discuss the direction that 'Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen' will take.

EverQuest had a lot of firsts; it is the first who was able to marry social and technological advances together. And speaking of marriage, there are many who have met in EverQuest and have married. Needless to say the game was first of its kind, with many people having their second lives in that game.

However time went by and people move-on as so with many things, the idea of 'EverQuest' will no longer work today-even with a better engine and upgraded graphics.

Needless to say, the man behind 'EverQuest' is now working with Visionary Realms (Developer of 'Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen') and he is hoping to blend some classic elements of RPG with modern RPG.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is hoping to bring back some mechanical and social elements of older games.

When McQuaid was asked about his visions for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, he answered;

"The main thing we want to bring back is a social game - a cooperative game, where players need each other [and] have time to make real friendships with each other. They can really call the game a home. It's not a situation where you're just wandering around an online world, you come up to an instanced dungeon, and the server picks a bunch of random people to go with you and you never see them again.

" It's definitely about that shared experience - that social cooperative nature of the games. I think that's the biggest thing that we need to bring back [...] to massively multiplayer games.

"A lot of our audience - they've played the old games. We also want to appeal to the newer generation that wasn't even around for the first generation of MMOs. They've enjoyed cooperative play - playing Call of Duty - but they've never really experienced it playing with their friends against the environment in a persistent world. [But] a lot of people have grown up, they've got responsibilities now - spouses, jobs, et cetera.

A lot of the needless repetition - too much grinding, sitting there for hours working on factions - and we're trying to keep the sessions shorter. You can sit there and play as long as you want, but the way we're setting up the quests, we're targeting about a two-hour session so that a person can still log-on with his friends, play a couple hours, and have a sense of accomplishment.

Achieve something, progress their character, get some item they needed, and it doesn't have to be this 6-, 8-, 10-hour, crazy session because it's just not compatible with people's lives anymore. They've got responsibilities."

You can watch the full interview for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen below:

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