Friday, July 1, 2016

Neverwinter Coming to PS4 on July 19

July 19 is the day the long-awaited Neverwinter finally lands on the PS4. Indeed, for three years, PS4 owners have been locked out of this free-to-play title, but that wait is now over. The announcement regarding the PS4 port of the game was made at the beginning of June, but back then, no actual release date was given. That hurdle is out of the way now too.

Based on Dungeons and Dragons, the PS4 version of the game will include all the content released thus far, which means nine expansions and no fewer than 8 playable classes, which make for hundreds of quests. Because it's free-to-play, players will not need PlayStation Plus to play. All one needs to do is to jump in really. The game comes with all the iconic characters and locations like Icewind Dale and Underdark.

The Neverwinter Head Start Pack is an extra launch-option, which makes it possible to those who simply cannot wait till July 19, to start playing on July 12, a full week ahead of everyone else. This option costs about $22 though, however, besides early access, it delivers on other fronts as well: it comes with an Onyx Horse mount, an Onyx weapon and a 20-pack set of Enchanted Keys.

Though it's gotten through no fewer than 9 expansions thus far as said above, Neverwinter will continue to expand after its PS4 launch too. A 10th expansion pack is in the works. Called the Storm King's Thunder, this expansion will offer an explanation to why the Giants have returned to the Forgotten Realms.

The first iteration of the game came out on 2013 for PC, earning mostly good reviews. By all accounts, the game is indeed a good one, and now PS4 players will be able to partake in all that goodness too...

Philip Thalberg is an eSport fanatic, who has worked for GosuTeam for more than a decade now. 

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