Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The future of the Force Unleashed 3

Are you among one of the many Star Wars fans that are wondering what Force Unleashed 3 would have been had the developers gone ahead and made it? Well, there is a pleasant surprise in store for you. The Creative Director at LucasArts Creative, Haden Blackman revealed what the franchise had in store for the Swtor fans.

LucasArts was formed from the merger of Disney and Lucasfilm. The merger led to the cancellation of many games leading to fans disappointment. Here is an excerpt with Haden Blackman.

Haden confirmed that The Force Unleashed was a big deal for Lucasfilm as it enabled the firm to propagate its endeavors across several media. The set also served as a canonical that was set just before the unfolding of the events in the original trilogy. The games still linger in the minds of the fans given the way it told the Star Wars story a new.

Fans were however not impressed with the rushed set of The Force Unleashed II and had had questions about what would be in store for them. The Force Unleashed II ended where the Darth Vader was under captivity and controlled by one of his close apprentice called the Starkiller. Despite ending as a cliffhanger, it set the platform for more games and a bigger story. In fact, by the time of a New Hope Darth Vader is out and free. There is a part that did not get to finish.

According to Haden, he would have wanted to turn the franchise into an open world experience and later co-op play. In addition, he wanted to have two Force-wielders transversing the universe of the Star Wars together. He had even tried to keep alive an early treatment of the Force Unleashed III.

He admitted that The Force Unleashed titles were pretty linear and thought that it could be more fun if similar mechanics was applied to the open world environment. As for Vader and Starkiller, they would have been made to work together, albeit temporary, in order to stop one of the plots of the Emperor, where he had plotted to replace Vader.

Unfortunately, Hader had just written some notes about such a possibility when he left the franchise. This means that there is no more information about a possible resurrection of The Force Unleashed III that patches some of the missing information after The Force Unleashed II. Would you have liked to see the Starkiller and Vader fight hand-in-hand?

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