Friday, November 13, 2015

Special MMO Mice - Taking Gaming to the Next Level

Think you're a proper MMO player? You are not...until you own/use a proper, dedicated MMO mouse, of the kind that Razer have recently announced. The Naga Chroma MMO mouse does indeed look like every MMO player's dream, complete with all the bells and whistles one could possibly imagine, but it does set one back a handsome $79.99, which is its price-tag upon its release. How much mouse does that sort of money buy though?

The Naga Chroma retains Razer's signature 12 thumb buttons, which means that the new device now comes with a total of 19 programmable buttons - ergonomically raised so one can find them all without looking - a superb fit indeed for those MMO needs. The buttons also feature tactile as well as audible feedback. All that is but a scratch on the surface though. The device is lit up with Chroma lighting, which allows players to pick from 16.8 million possible colors and it comes with a tilt click scroll wheel. What's much more interesting though is what's under the hood of this "beast" of a mouse, as that's where its true qualities are hidden.

The headliner in this respect is the new, 16k DPI 5G Laser sensor, with 0 interpolation, which can in fact be adjusted in 1 DPI steps - quite insane and quite a likely hit with hardcore gamers. The mouse comes with 50G acceleration (up to 210 inches per second), and 1000 Hz ultrapolling, with a reaction time of 1 ms. Of all these, the no interpolation feature may be another major hit with MMO players, as it's an obvious optimization for multi-screen rigs featuring ultra-high resolutions.

The approximate weight of the device is 135g while its size of 4,68 in (length)/ 2.95 in (width)/1.69 in (height) makes it fit the average hand perfectly.

At $79.99, it may not be the best choice for everyone cost-wise but it is indeed a rather fair price. While some will invariably have complains about the quality of Razer's products and of this mouse in particular, the device does indeed deliver features-wise, so the price/value ratio is in fact in the green as far as we're concerned.

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