Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A First Look at Transverse – a 2015 Sci-Fi MMORPG

Transverse is apparently an upcoming MMORPG title set for release sometime in 2015, by Piranha, the studio behind MechWarrior Online. According to a recent press release, Transverse is a set to be a MMO built around galactic flight, featuring intricate and attractive ship design, physically realistic battles and events of a solar-system scale. The hype is absolutely positive and if the developer does manage to properly implement every facet of this rather ambitious project, the game will indeed turn out to be one well worth a second look.
The problem is however that funding for the game is apparently not secure: there seems to be a sort of crowd-funding component to it all, given how on the project website there is something that essentially amounts to a counter of backers.

Certainly, great games have emerged from crowd-funded sources before, and – at least as far as its trailer is concerned – this one looks interesting.
Set in the possibly not-too-distant future, the game sees the human race take its first baby steps towards inter-stellar exploration. Humanity’s outlying colonies see the emergence of a trans-human race as immortality is achieved through the transferring of consciousness to various host bodies. War between the humans on Earth and the trans-humans breaks out, providing the sort of conflict that will apparently galvanize the action elements of the game.
In addition to the detailed ship design, there will apparently be a real-time, living/breathing economy powering things in the background, based on a dynamic resource system and various player-influenced events that do in fact have an impact on the overall power-balance of the game.
The game can already be pre-ordered for $30, but at this point it’s a bit of a lottery ticket given how no actual specifics are known regarding its planned release date.

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