Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Different Sort of MOBA in the Works: Wolfknights

At first glance, Wolfknights, with its cheesy name and rather generic premise, looks like one of the many 3D MOBA’s currently played/in development in Korea. According to developer IMC Games though, beyond the unimpressive title and the visually delightful screenshots currently available to the public, Wolfknights is a whole new sort of game, one that seeks to break down the barriers of traditional MMORPGs as well as those of MOBAs, aimed at a wide range of potential players, covering those who just don’t have the time to log a high number of hours, to those who have little money and to the older generation who just aren’t particularly handy when it comes to gaming.
The goal of the game is to minimize the traditional MMORPG elements such as farming and item upgrading, in favor of quick PvP action.

The game features two types of resources, one that can be essentially used as money, called Vis and another, which is a sort of community resource, used by the commander-in-chief to boost the entire realm, called Tachyum. Individual players will in fact earn Tachyum too, which they will then be able to turn in for money.
The commander-in-chief is also a player of course, whose responsibilities will exceed those of regular players.
Besides having a higher than usual HP and getting more loot in case of a victorious season, the commander in chief will be the one to spend the Tachyum resources on realm-wide improvements, and he/she will be the one largely responsible with the battle plans too.
In case of a loss, while regular players may still earn handsome rewards, the commander-in-chief will get much less, or nothing at all.

As far as items go, there are two basic types of those too: the first category of items contains the ones that can only be used within the confines of a single season. The items belonging to the other category are items which are permanent, and which are linked to players’ accounts rather than to an individual season.
The bottom line: at closer analysis, the game does indeed look rather promising, and the new type of game-play should make for an interesting approach indeed. Perhaps the best news regarding the title is that it is expected to reach the North American market (as well as every other international market) upon its release.

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