Thursday, July 17, 2014

Coming Soon to Android: Legion of Heroes- The latest MMORPG from Nexon M

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are all the rage these days. It’s nice though to be able to take part in an epic fantasy quest from the comfort of your couch as opposed to sitting at your PC. Nexon M’s game will allow you to do just that later this summer. Their most recent project, Legion of Heroes is a PC quality MMORPG for your mobile devices.
Legion of Heroes is a high-fantasy epic tale where the Sovereign of Darkness, Lideran is scheming to sink the world into chaos. Players will adventure across an expansive open world with a diversity of areas and terrains as they construct a team of heroes to do battle against an ancient evil bent on world domination. Players can team up with friends to create powerful guilds, level up their skills through battle, and earn enhanced weapons, magic, and armor, to add to the depth of the first-of-its-kind mobile game experience in Legion of Heroes. - Nexon M

The second beta for the game closed at the end of June. What I can say from participating briefly in the beta is that the game ran well on my device and that the turn-based game play was snappy and the action intense. Nexon M has crafted intriguing environments, characters and an absorbing story line.

Nexon M has said they will continue to update their Facebook page with the latest information, or you can subscribe to their newsletter by signing up at the Legion of Heroes website.

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