Monday, June 17, 2013

What makes The Elder Scrolls Online Different From Other MMO's?

The Elder Scrolls series has been always very well know for its deep storyline and real time combat (same in third and first person gameplay) - things that many other MMO's are lacking. But apparently this is not going to be the case with ESO. Has Bethesda Softworks found a way to implement these features into their upcoming MMO game? Lets take a closer look on what kind of "MMO-improvements" we can expect.

As we've already mentioned in one of our previous articles, the combat system in The Elder Scrolls Online is going to look more like the one we know from previous Elder Scrolls games, than the one we're used to in most MMO's, but what does it mean exactly? Well it means they're introducing dynamic-type combat, based on player reflex, skillshots and using only few abilities at the same time, rather than being forced into a boring fight with tons of buttons and long casting time.

Another thing that makes ESO different from many other MMO's are character classes. In ESO you can pick one of 4 different classes and 3 skill trees. This doesn't sound much different than other MMO games, but unlike WoW, you can add new skill trees during the game, or pick up any weapon, any class of armor, and use it no matter what class you are. For example, you can play as a mage with a two handed sword, or a warrior in cloth armor. You'll look like a pretty little princess.

So what do you think, is The Elder Scrolls Online gonna give us a completely new experience unlike any other MMO before? Or is it going to end up as another WoW-like clone that gets boring after few days of gameplay? Make sure to let us know what do you think about it in comments below!

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