Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xbox One to not allow independent developers to self-publish games.

Now with more news making the Xbox One look less desirable: Indie developers will not be able to self-publish their games on the new Xbox One arcade. This is not much of a surprise considering Microsoft has never approached indie games from a friendly standpoint, and plan to continue requiring the developers to have a publishing deal to have their games listed. Contrasted with Nintendo and Sony, both of which allow indie developers to self-publish, with Sony heavily pursuing indie content for their new system, the PS4.

While Microsoft may be busy working with other partners to bring digital content to the Xbox one, it seems that they're going to be missing out on heavy potential for profit. The Xbox one is continuing to seem less and less intriguing in comparison to the alternative consoles to me. What do you think, OwnedCore? Will you be buying the PS4, Xbox One, or neither? Will Microsoft's views towards indie developers influence your decision?

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