Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to stream on

Step 1 - Creating a and XSplit account

  • Go to Twitch and click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right hand corner
  • Enter the details, your account will instantly be created
  • Go to XSplit - Going Live is Simple
  • Create an account or if you already have one then hit the ‘Download XSplit now!’ button
  • Run the application and login using your XSplit ID and password

Step 2 - Adding screen area to your stream

  • Load up wow and make sure you’re playing in windowed, xsplit doesn’t work for fullscreen applications! – I use the video settings above, the reason for this is i want to squeeze as much fps out as possible since i’m not interested in anything other than spell detail in terms of looks.
  • Alt tab out of wow and Select Scene 1 on Xsplit broadcaster
  • Click add and then screen region
  • Click once anywhere on your wow screen
  • Click on the preview area on Xsplit broadcaster and press 1 to use the whole scene area for wow. Your screen area that will be streamed has now been set up.
  • Note:Be sure in future to start Xsplit once wow has already been loaded. If you want to avoid the need to do this, then choose your desktop when selecting screen region.
  • You can also add other things such as webcam or images, remember the thing you added last will be the top layer, you can move things up and down using the arrows.

Step 3 - Setting up Resolution and Frame Rate

  • Go to ‘View’ and select the largest resolution that shares a common ratio with your desktop’s resolution. (Depending on your computer you may have to decrease this)
  • You can create a new resolution if necessary by going to ‘Tools’, then ‘Settings’, then ‘Resolutions’ and activating the resolution that’s right for you. The selected resolution will then appear under the ‘View’ list.
  • You should be broadcasting at 20 or 25fps Depending on your computer and internet connection.
  • An important thing to note here is that you can scale the viewport down. When this is large It can have an impact on your ingame fps so I recommend decreasing this to 20%.

Step 4 - Quality and Channel Settings

  • Go to ‘Tools’, then ‘General Settings’
  • Fill out any necessary profile details, they are purely optional.
  • Go to the ‘General’ tab. It should look something like the image below. If you wish to stream Skype check ‘Enable Skype Interaction’.

  • Go to ‘Channels’ click ‘Add’ and select Twitch or whatever streaming website you’re using
  • The following screen will appear:

  • Enter your username and password that you use to log in to or whatever streaming website you’re using.
  • The channel you created when signing up to the streaming website will usually automatically be selected. In the location box, choose whatever’s the closest to your area.
  • The rest of the settings should be as they are on the image, if you’re experiencing frame rate loss then decrease the quality. If you’re experiencing in game ms lag then decrease the max bitrate.

Step 5 - Broadcasting

To start broadcasting simply go to ‘Broadcast’ and click on the channel that you want to start streaming to.
Congratulations, you can now stream!

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