Sunday, July 8, 2012

EverQuest 2 Free Subscription Rewards

Sony offers a lot of subscription rewards for paying for a 3,6, and 12 month subscription, I find a few people looking and wanting the gear or the cloak and I figured I would come in here and show you all how to save the 100+ dollars.

Pretty simple and I suggest if you try this to make sure you follow the directions to a T. Or it will be a bit of money paid out and I'm not taking responsibility for your actions and not following it right.

So be warned try at your own risk.

First make sure your subscription is up to date. Go in and make sure you have at least a week till your subscription is due. To be very safe do it after your subscription is paid for the month, like 2 days after it has been paid. Go in and adjust your Subscription to the 1 year plan. Make sure you have it up to date. Make sure your on the screen that shows you the rewards for purchasing the bulk subscription.

Choose the Year membership and then continue through. The rewards will be credited to your account Immediately.

Then go in after credited to your account and cancel the subscription.

Why does this work? Just so you know its not some fluke I will show you why it works. Sony gives the rewards immediately, while it doesn't charge you again for your subscription until the beginning of the next billing cycle. So in turn You get the rewards before getting charged, allowing you to go back in to change the billing info again back to the normal cycle.

Enjoy people!

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