Monday, February 27, 2012

Guild Wars 2 beta sign ups hit one million in 48 hours

You wanted to know, and you're about to find out straight from the source. NCsoft finally reveals how many sign ups they have been getting for their upcoming Guild Wars 2 beta test. After the press convincingly whetted everyone's appetite for the MMORPG through their merry little weeked coverage, everyone has been clamoring for their own chance to dive in and get a taste themselves.

That chance came earlier this week when NCsoft opened the gates for beta testing sign-ups on the GW2 page, and boy did you guys jump all over it. Those gates are soon to be closed, but NCsoft confirms with us today that the signs ups are now nearing one million in less than two days.

Remember that this is just the number of applicants, and not necessarily a sign of the number of prospective players who will actually get to join the next beta testing period.

Update 2012-02-27: NCsoft and ArenaNet earlier today confirmed that the number of signups for the next GW2 beta event hit the one million mark in "just over 48 hours." According to their press release, the rate of signups hit 4,000 per minute "during peak periods."

“We built Guild Wars 2 with the notion to bring players together to experience what a true online world experience should be, and we couldn’t be more excited with the reception we’re receiving from gamers wanting to get in and play our game,” said Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet and executive producer of Guild Wars 2.

"Guild Wars 2’s next closed beta test is scheduled for late-March and will provide players with an opportunity to experience its deep RPG game elements, epic World v. World battles and inviting social gameplay while helping the team load test the servers."

The two day period was the golden window of opportunity which users had to sign up for even a shot of getting into the upcoming beta test, but it's a chance that at least one million players spanning some 224 countries felt they couldn't miss out on. Talk about global appeal. In case you didn't catch it in the quote above, the next beta is slated for late-March.

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