Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIFT MMORPG – This Ain’t Your Momma’s WOW

Rift Review: Seems like most MMOs sprinkle monsters across a vast landscape and wait for you to roll by so you can slay them and collect some meager PV or gold on your way to the “all signs point North” direction the game tirelessly points you in. Wouldn’t it be nice to be forced to change thought patterns and game direction for once? Wouldn’t it be cool to have what has always been the safe haven, the village, turn into a place where you aren’t that safe anymore? And instead of uselessly standing around spouting ridiculous quests that nobody wants to take on, how about NPCs actually being needed from time to time, and doing a little fighting of their own? And how about fights and battles coming at you, instead of requiring you to always be cruising for a bruising? RIFT is here to lend a helping hand.

RIFT is the new MMORPG by Trion Worlds that hit stores March 1st that blends active fighting in a battle-strewn landscape with MMO. Invaders pop up attacking local settlements, and invading hordes, arriving through rifts in time and space, literally appear out of the blue. Sometimes they can require up to an entire raid-full of players to push them back, and sometimes a few of you hardy gamers can defeat the smaller groups.

What this does is create a world where everything can rift into a topsy-turvy, death-laden atmosphere in a hurry, and nowhere is entirely safe. And yes, if you are thinking World of War copycat, I will forgive you. It does have quests, monsters, classes and the inevitable gold, but WOW is really only a clone of EverQuest after all, and what works … just simply , so why change it?

But rest assured that is not all you are getting here. Yes the familiar similarities are there, but they have existed since the Dungeons and Dragons of the tabletop-gaming 70s. What is different in RIFT is the community. WOW is easy for the newby or casual gamer to join, and start playing immediately, while RIFT focuses on bringing groups of players together. Nothing bonds quite like danger and fear, so RIFT keeps that cranked up at all times.

Sure, there are still quests, and those gamers out there that like to rack up high body counts will be appeased as well, but if you are tired of the “log on, jump in, whack a thousand monsters, get my gold” repetition and loner aspect of games like WOW, but still want MMORPG fun, get RIFT, and get ready to bond with a whole new group of friends.

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