Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cancelled: Panasonic Cuts Down 'Jungle' Gaming Handheld

Those hopes you had for playing a Battlestar Galactica MMO on the bus ride to work? Shattered.

Panasonic's let out word that the Jungle–that weird little gaming handheld they announced last year–won't be released to a curious public.

According to Reuters, the consumer electronics giant won't be returning to the gaming sector due to a change in "strategic direction". Test units had reportedly been sent out as of late last year but Panasonic apparently decided that the portable gaming market didn't hold enough promise for their needs.

In the months following the initial announcement, none of the bigger movers and shakers in the video game industry had pledged support for the Jungle, always a sure sign that a platform may be in trouble. One has to wonder if it was the looming entry of new game devices from Sony and Nintendo, the swing towards smartphone gaming or a content plan centered on online gaming that sank the Jungle. Either way, with this development, it seems like Panasonic may be leaving gaming behind forever.

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