Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips on Buying WoW Accounts

Players who desire a head-start in World of Warcraft, especially those who have never played WoW before, one controversial option of doing so is to buy a high-level WoW account. However, there are many important criterion that all potential WoW account buyers should consider before buying WoW accounts.

Not to much surprise, the most important criteria to consider is the source of the WoW account, which also entails the method of transfer that will be used during the transaction. Buyers must try to make sure that the entity that they will be buying from is trustable and that the transaction procedures and communication are secure. However, regardless of method, buyers must always make sure to implement any and all available preventive measures against fraud. Here are some guidelines to setting up preventive measures against internet-fraud.

Anyone who wants to buy WoW accounts must always keep in mind that any and all types of MMORPG-related real-money transactions highly attract scammers, fraudsters and opportunists because of the easy profit that can be reaped from unsuspecting or careless victims due to the nature of the transaction. One basic rule-of-thumb is to never release any personal information, unless, of course, it is automatically released during payment; credit card details of the buyer are sent to the payee.

To make matters worse, trying to find unbiased, factual information from the internet has become a thing of the past. Buyers should always keep their fingers crossed if researching in the internet for reviews or testimonials about online MMORPG-related shops. The sad truth of using search engines to find reviews and testimonials regarding MMORPG-related shops nowadays is: all thinkable search keywords that, in the past, would have led to authentic review sites and customer-discussion forums have now all been massively overrun by unimaginably-high bids from those shops themselves. This means that those search results now actually link to forged reviews and testimonials that are, in reality, promotional ad copies rather than unbiased and informative reviews.

Another important criteria to consider before buying an account for World of Warcraft is the value of the account to be purchased. Most of the time, price approximations of MMORPG accounts are very difficult to gauge. This is the same for all MMORPGs, World of Warcraft included, because there are too many subjective, independent and delicate elements tied to a certain account that cannot be estimated in numbers. The best bet is to conduct comparative research, looking at prices offered from different supplies. Reasonable, albeit slightly-biased, price-ranges can usually be found from asking members of MMORPG-related forums, especially those forums with designated sections about buying and selling game accounts. In the end, however, it all comes down to the specific conditions of each deal which must be evaluated and assessed case-by-case.

One more criteria to consider is actually game-related: the realm with which the account contains the main character in. This criteria is especially critical if the WoW account buyer intends to play with friends who already have characters in a specific realm. Moving characters across realms is possible, but it is highly restrictive and also costs additional real-world money to do so. Realm-preference becomes a problem when buying a World of Warcraft account directly from the owner and not from a shop.

When looking to buy WoW accounts, character-related parameters should also be considered to a certain degree. The first parameter is the unchangeable details such as the character's class, race, appearance or any other similar details that are selected during character-creation. Secondly, the character's level, if not capped, should also be considered. The next character-parameter to consider is the amount and quality of gear, items or any other in-game possessions that are included with the account upon purchase. Finally, the last parameter(s) to consider are the professions chosen and their levels.

Presented in this article are some of the most important criterion that potential game account buyers should take into consideration before deciding on a WoW account to purchase. Always keep in mind though, that real-money trading is a business that is illegal and provides enough ground for an account-ban. However, due to the constant demands of high-level accounts, and the availability of the people who supply them, World of Warcraft accounts will continue to be bought and sold as long as the game is still in service.

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