Friday, October 9, 2009

Digamour Review

digamour is a new 3D Adult RPG from Somavision. The adult game's story line involves robotic hookers of the near future. The object of digamour is to bang as many of these cyber prostitutes as possible. Each time you successfully bed a chrome call girl you are awarded credits. With the credits you can buy upgrades which include more sexual positions, different hookers, and better body parts such as breast and and ass implants. ´

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Upgrade the Cyberdolls in the Bodyshop with various equipment of the following categories:

  • Sex Doll Models (Brazil, Japan, German, South Africa)

  • Sex Doll Knowledge of Sex Positions

  • Hair Style

  • Body Weight

  • Skin Color

  • Eye Color

  • Breast Implants

  • Ass Size ;-)

While having fun with the dolls it depends on your own abilities and dexterity how much eXperience Points (XP) and Cash you will take out of each hot session with one of the dolls.
The XP will bring your own character to the next levels of gameplay while you can use the earned Cash for the enhancement of the cyberdolls.

Once you enter the city you will see a map showing several points of interest. On the Overview Map you will find your way to the different locations:

  • Partners

  • Bodyshop (GirlLab)

  • Videostore

Having sex is very straight forward once you figure out you have to use the cursor controls (it took me about 10 minutes to discover that little tidbit). Your avatar will be selected at random from 6 different men.

To choose a position you navigate the menu and hit enter. You will appear in that position engaged in whatever sex act you chose with your Fembot slut. You can move the camera zoom and angle in 3D, although there are some angles into which you can't move. To have sex in digamour you don't actually manipulate the avatars. Instead there is a graphical right around which a beacon moves. Each time you hit the left or right cursor key the beacon will rotate once. The goal is to hit the same key again exactly as the beacon rotates to six o'clock on the ring. If you hit it bang on the whore's sexual gratification level increases. If you miss by a bit, the level stays the same. If you miss by a lot the level decreases. Essentially you need to hit the point exactly 7-8 times to complete the position. Now repeat that in a variety of positions about 5 times and you'll shoot on her face or ass automatically. Eventually digamour will have other button clicks called "secondary moves." There is a "male stamina indicator" which will run low if you keep messing up the button click timing. To restore stamina you simply wait for a while until it returns to normal levels.

The animation in Digamour is ok, although the collision detection was off a little, particularly on blow job scenes. Hopefully Somavision will clean that up for the full release. The girls do moan, groan, and encourage you with phrases like "I want you to cum on my face" and "fuck my ass!" Unfortunately the girls speak randomly and what they say has little to do with the action at hand. In the early Alpha there are no transitions between sexual positions, something that should be in for the next release.

That is the sex in a nutshell. To get to level 2 you will need to have sex like that 20 times. From what I can see there is no way to lose the game, nor is there any way to end the game. I suppose the sex will be somewhat more intersting once you have more options available, but I found the sex mind numbing after only 5 rounds. I expect Somavision will rectify this by the time the full version of the game launches.

One major negative I see in the game is the lack of ability to freely move about the city. Visiting locations requires only a point and click, and once you get there you still can't move your character. It would be nice to see some capabilities such as are in Red Light Center, even if this isn't a multi-player game.

Camera zoom and angle is really smooth without interruptions and the sex animations come up in good quality.

Constantly added content and value!

Be sure that this game contains edgy hardcore and satirical XXX gameplay features that are not suitable for minors.

Cost: US$64.95/3 months, US$29.95/month, US$19.95/3-day trial
Download here

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