Monday, September 28, 2009

F2P Review - Evony

After playing Evony for the past few days I've found it to be an interesting game that follows along the simple concept of building a town, managing the resources, building an army and spreading until your people populate the entirety of the country.

This game allows you to get into the nitty gritties of micromanaging tax rates, production focuses etc but so far my main focus has been on building a resource and research infrastructure as well as putting in place defenses.

By getting an early wriggle on with expanding my population, my town became more than self-sufficient economically. I am yet to struggle for gold whatsoever. This allowed me to build my resource structures fastly and efficiently without having to sacrifice workers from any industry.

Once my industries were built up, I was able to start selling off materials fairly comfortably, whilst still having more than enough to support my town's growth.

So far I have resisted the urge to splash out on any RMT items or bonuses whatsoever, and while I enjoy the game casually, I dont think I could ever see myself wanting to spend money on them whatsoever.

Community wise, the game's world population channel is enterprisingly crowded with typical 12 year-olds typically seen in the barrens chat. OMG Chuck Norris. This is particularly surprising because apart from the 6 free "speakers" you get when you sign up, every time you send a message in world chat costs you REAL MONEY.

Granted, you can win RMT items off a prize wheel once per day, but even so, to want to waste it on "LALALALA" "Chuck norris omg" "speak english" seems pretty weird.

The single thing that has improved this game massively for me since I started was turning off global chat.

This game is very slow-paced, with most of your actions taking place over a fixed amount of time - ie upgrading city walls might take you three hours, and you can only upgrade or construct one building at a time, so you set that, pick your research, set up your army training list and log off for the next six hours.

The graphics are very reminiscent of Civilization - probably a cross between 2 and 3.

Overall there is nothing overly innovative about this game, but what they've done, they've done well. Its a true shame about the community however.

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Article Source: Vangsoe, M. (2009, September 6). F2P Review - Evony. Retrieved September 28, 2009, from

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