Friday, August 14, 2009

Setting Up a Free 100 Slot Ventrilo Server!

Start by downloading these files:
Ventrilo Server Setup File and Ventrilo Crack Files

Now that you've got the two files, we're going to set up the server.

Run 'Ventrilo Server - Setup.exe' and install it to any place on your computer. Now open up '', and extract the two files to the directory where you just installed the Ventrilo Server, replacing the two old ones. Open up 'ventrilo_srv.ini' w
ith Notepad and edit only the following:

'Name=', add to the end of this the name of your Ventr
ilo Server, eg. Jadd's Ventrilo Server.
'AdminPassword=', add to the end of this the administrator's password, this is used to create channels, ban etc.

'Port=', (optional) add to the end of this the port number. Default is 3784, and will be used in this guide.
'Password=', add to the end of this the password all users will have to enter in to connect to the Ventrilo Server.
Now go to the default gateway for your network eg. and click 'Services' on the left (remember, a lot of routers are completely different, just try and keep up), and click 'Add Custom Service'. Call the service 'Ventrilo', set it to TCP/UDP, and change the start and finishing ports to what you set it as in the 'ventrilo_srv.ini' earlier and click 'Apply'.

Now leave this page open, and press Windows+R on your keyboard. Type in 'cmd' and click OK. Now when the new window appears, type 'ipconfig' and it will come up with a whole heap of text. Find the computers IP address and write it down.

Open up your router's settings again and click 'Firewall Rules' on the left. Now click 'Add' in the 'Inbound Services' section and change the 'Service' box to the service you just made, in this case, 'Ventrilo(TCP/UDP:3784)'. Change the 'WAN Users' box to 'Sin
gle Address' and enter in the IP address you just obtained. Click 'Apply'.

Go to and you will find your external IP address. This is the text they put in the 'Hostname or IP' part in Ventrilo. You can spread around your IP, don't worry, no one can really hack you unless they are in about 100 feet of your Gateway computer or router.

Run 'ventrilo_srv.exe' and that will allow people to log in.

Congrats! You've just made your new, free Ventrilo server. Hope I could help!

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Unknown on October 4, 2009 at 11:37 AM said...

can u message me on msn
i could use a little help making a 100 man ventrilo for my web site and guild i did everythign in the post but it wont let anyone or me connect probly me being a noob at opening ports

web site UgGaming and MapleUG
11k members + so we could use a big ventrilo thank you

Jake B on November 11, 2009 at 12:10 PM said...

Um i Tried it And it dosent Work, it only allows 8 people

maria rose on March 16, 2010 at 9:35 AM said...

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