Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chronicles of Spellborn Is Now Free To Play

It has begun…

As you may know, The Chronicles of Spellborn goes free to play.

With a somewhat rocky launch, The Chronicles of Spellborn by Acclaim, has decided to go the free route due to lackluster reception, however, his doesn’t mean that the game is at all bad, it’s just a decision by Acclaim. RezPLS was able to play the game during closed and open beta, and everyone here thoroughly enjoyed the game play. CoS has a fresh style to mmorpg’s, as it uses a more active combat system, allowing you to set up really interactive combos using the “skilldeck” system.

But there’s a twist…

Acclaim will not be releasing new updates or patches for the game, which means the game is essentially “frozen”. Acclaim does state that they plan to continue to create events and allow players to do the same as well. Hopefully this doesn’t place the coffin in the grave for CoS, only time will tell.

What is Chronicles of Spellborn?

One of the main features of CoS, the skilldeck, is essentially a rotating hotbar, which allows you to create your own combo systems. This is one of the first apparent features, but also one of them which turned some people away. As the developers of CoS put it “We still face the problem of assumption where people see the skilldeck in its uncomplicated low-level form. It’s hard to realise the freedom, strategy and personality it adds to combat later on. It’s one of those gameplay mechanics which is truly easy to learn, but hard to master.”

Chronicles of Spellborn also has very lush graphics, which will put will now put it as one of the best looking F2P games out there. It has quirky animations and character models which gives the game a surreal vibe, but also an immense amount of style.
Check it out

What does the future hold for Chronicles of Spellborn?

There have been many games recently closing it’s servers (Matrix Online, Shadowbane, etc) because it’s not able to support itself no longer, but there is still a lot of life left in these games.

So what will happen to Chronicles of Spellborn? Well, making predictions, hopefully Acclaim will be able to secure the game with some sort of item shop or premium content. Older games that have made the switch were never able to correctly adapt, and with heavy server costs, down they went. There are other games that closed their doors but were later revived by the community, and now has an active base yet again. So who knows? RezPLS wishes the best to everyone at Chronicles of Spellborn and hope they are able to continue to produce some really great content, we’ll be sure to check it out in the years to come.

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