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EVE Online Review

If you are among the more hardcore MMO players, you might challenge the forces of the Icelandic-developed science fiction MMORPG - Eve Online.

Eve Online has in many ways proved to be a nontraditional MMO since it has managed to keep a steady growth in the number of new players.

What other MMOs often starts out with a big brugertal at the launch, Eve Online has managed to build it's number on a relatively small but loyal audience of users. A process that is just as quiet has expanded into a rather large, but still loyal user base.

In the game's six year anniversary of CCP developers can confirm that the game can now boast of having 300,000 active players.

A figure which has risen by just 22% from the beginning of the year where the game had 244,000 users well, so it will immediately conclude that Eve Online is still quiet, but steadily rising.

Eve Online Review

Not all MMORPGs is about Elves, dwarves and orcs ... Luckily! Some MMORPGs as Earth & Beyond and Anarchy Online dare take the genre further and presenting games that gameplay regular sampler from other MMORPGs. Eve Online can connect to this small exclusive groups who dare and do something other than volume.

Are you the science fiction type, and love MMORPG games, it may well be that Eve Online is just what you need! In short, this is Eve Online, an advanced space-simulation game where players represent a small elite of pilots who can fly so-called pod-equipped ships which are able to travel between the more than 5000 different solar systems in the giant Eve Online universe. Players' scores are represented mostly by the spaceship they fly in and most of the time spent out of the room where you can enjoy rich graphics, while eg. working on mine valuable minerals in asteroids, chasing pirates or doing missions for one of game's many computer-controlled factions. EVE universe is huge, the graphics are absolutely top and the possibilities seemed endless. With more than 50,000 players, of which approx. Typically, 10,000 are online at the same time on the same server, it can hardly be surprised that Eve Online has long had the world record in having most players online in the same world on the same server.

Eve Online is unfolding in the distant future where a intergallaktisk wormhole in the year 7703 opens up and allows you to travel to a whole new field in the infinite space. On the other side of the worm hole is a new inhabitable solar system, which it baptized the New Eden. Humens has then begun to colonize neighboring solar systems. Around the year 8000, the worm hole mysteriously shut down again and thereby prevents new colonies from our known solar system. This is followed as a long period of isolation that only a few of the new colonies survive, thus they become the big five nations that dominate the EVE universe: Amar Empire Caldari State Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic, and Jove Empire. When you create a new character you chose to belong to one of the first four emperier (you can not play Jovians). For each race, there are two sub-classes (blood lines), which you can choose, so all in all there are eight different human races to choose from, all of which have their own characteristics. When you create the character you get ample opportunity to change the finer details of one's character looks like, but the overall race, which we have chosen, will always shine through, which is great because that makes you immediately from the image of a second character may determine his race. The choice to take over karekterens formation also determines skills also begin the game with.

You can create up to three characters per account you have, but there is only one of those who can practice his skills at a time. Rating The ability to evolve in contrast to most other MMORPG's do not know to earn experience points, but instead trained in real-time. One can improve his skills one at a time and when you first started to train in one of his abilities, so you will continue it until it is trained up to the next level - even if you log off. It is both good and bad because it means that you do not evolve faster than other players, although it plays a lot, but on the other side, so you are always asking - even during periods when you can not play as much . Anyone can, in principle, learn everything, if only you have time (and money) enough. However, there are over 150 different abilities to engage in and that means that the best pay to specialize just go away. The most common way to specialize in the battle, trade, research, or industrial and production.

Overall, the game, as soon as you have just become accustomed to it, both very easy and intuitive to manage, but it takes a while before you learn to use all the many features that are built into the example. star map, the ship's scanners and the like. The fight is managing more than the tactical skills are emphasized, for example, in battle only decide to whom they would attack, then tries to lock on the target ship's sensors and then activates its weapons, but we must not sit and press trigger for each shot is fired. There are many cool effects built into the game's combat system, such as electronic warfare, combat drones that can monitor and lots of weapons and other things that can modify the ship's shields, armor, speed and so on.

There is no overall objective or plot that you must follow in the game, but there are plenty of things to make themselves. You can do missions for one or more of the many (over 5000) different NPC (non-playing character, representing an AI-driven person) agents who represent different factions in the game. It can operate on mining asteroids, which contain valuable minerals, which can then be sold or can be used to produce the ships or other valuable thing or you can hunt NPC pirates to collect the dusører set on their heads. You can even become a pirate and attacking other players - yes the possibilities are many.

One of the most unique things about Eve Online game is very mature market, which creates a lot of opportunities for trade, industry and production. The market is divided into 33 independent regions and within each region, prices are dynamic, ie they change as a function of supply and demand. Moreover, virtually all things that exist in the game produced and sold by the players themselves, if only you have the right skills and raw materials.

The game's website contains, besides the mandatory forums a lot of small stories, which creates a rich and detailed background information about EVE world formation and development. These strongly recommended for anyone who likes to read science fiction, whether you are MMORPG's or not.

As in other big MMORPG's players can come together and form their own corporations (Guilds), which again can come together and form alliances, which undoubtedly represent some of the most powerful factions in the game. They can go to war with each other and fight for control over the areas with the best resources and tactical locations. This leads periodically to violent clashes in great epic naval battles with 100 or more ships involved.

Eve Online has constantly evolved since it came out in May 2003 and there will always new things to. Generally, there are only problems with the servers on the monthly patch days when major changes and new things are implemented. Are there problems, it is easy and quick to get help from both GM'erne and from the other players. In fact, people in EVE very welcoming to new players and you quickly feel welcome. The game can be downloaded directly from the game's website and if you do not already have it, you've certainly missed something!

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Unknown on September 9, 2009 at 8:42 AM said...

If you like cheats and exploits this is your game, the GM's wont care if you use em, and there's plenty of em to use... Just be sure to bring a couple friends so you can get the most out of harrassing the hell out of the rest of the players on EvE.. Worst case scenario? Your 14 day trial gets banned and you start a new one for free...

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