Monday, March 30, 2009

Big news on Star Wars Galaxies!

I have done alot of research on this one to search for the facts on it. There is big news about to come out of Sony March 31,2009. Also there are things set for SOE on SWG intreviews as well set on the same date. I can find multiple sites like I have listed stating the same release date for this book. I cant find any dates saying that this is false info from these sites either. I have done alot of work and alot of research on this one and spent hours on in checking writing publishers talking to officials and no one yet has gave me any clue on how this date was released all by multiple companies. Alot of companies have stated as well to me that they dont make the release dates they put the release dates on the products by the producers of the companies tell them to do. So with that being said with the info I found its either SOE or Lucas Arts or possibly activision. Why I say activision is due to the research I did on the first cancelation of the game and activision as well as SOE and Lucas Arts were all part of the orginal console version that later got canned in 2005. Here is the list of what is known!

As I was going through Star Wars items online at I came across this This is almost the same thing as it was listed all over in 2005 when the NGE hit! The publish date is Dec 2005. If this one does ring true then the NGE was made for console and nothing else in my opinon!

The key words here to look for is the release date on it !!! Preorder this item today and it should arrive on or just after 06/30/2009

Adding all the links I can find it for sale!

Not for console but intresting enough Star Wars Galaxies an Empire Divided: Prima's Collector's Guide

2003 annoucement that console is on hold for SWG!

Old but im sure its still on the table

A list of mmo's going to console in 2009

Let me add this also Due out March 30 2009 Star Wars Galaxies Map Atlas (Expanded): Prima Official Game Guide

Age of Conan
DC Online
The Agency
Champions Online
Free Realms

Lets also not forget Star Trek online going to console as well! Im sure more drastic changes will also be on there way like last time for the SWG player. I think SWG will be there test server for free realms before that goes on console with there TCG card game. If anyone can find more links or have a link please post it and ill add it to the list. The official boards locked a thread saying that its just a store using refresh on there inventory lol. I guess they refresh things every 4 years like this on all these stores lol!

Last update on this one from what im reading Sony has big news March 31 2009. I can speculate what it is but who knows I would say its the mark down of there ps3 in price. SOE regarding SWG also has some news coming out on the 31st as well since what I have read there are a few intreviews set up! I guess we have to wait 1 day on this one and what is true and what is not!

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