Thursday, March 5, 2009

Age of Conan subs fall below 100,000

Article from Eurogamer:
Age of Conan subs fall below 100,000

    Funcom has reported its financial results for the fourth quarter, revealing an operating loss of USD 23.3 million due to the lagging performance of Age of Conan, writes to recent estimates by DnB NOR Markets, subscriber levels for Age of Conan are now below 100,000, says E24.

Funcom isn't seeing the success that they had hoped to see, even they say that much.
However, there really aren't many games that don't suffer the hype versus retention reality and it hardly is anything new to the industry. No one expects to keep their launch subs and quite frankly merging servers isn't a solid tell either way. AoC could have kept their servers as they were (as WAR is) and lived in perpetual denial but it certainly wouldn't have meant that they were thriving. Nor does it mean AoC is on it's last limb. It is running slightly less servers than EQ2 currently is and clearly that game is continuing to survive.

As for the less than 100k subs...

Hmm. Well. They reported revenues of 8,665,000 for Q4 primarily from AoC. They had 1,167,000 in 2007 so we can assume that about that much is from their other assets.

- 1,167,000
\3 months
\14.99 per sub (apprx)

That gives us 166,733 accounts assuming that most revenue was from subscriptions.

I said "assuming" there a lot didn't I? That's because I'm working off a lot of assumptions as anyone would be.

While, as I said, I would have guessed around 200k I still am not seeing the good math that makes it <100k

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