Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World of Warcraft Players Make good cash with your 70's

The following money making idea are for WoW players who:
Don't want to play anymore
Successfully scammed several accounts
Have 70's they don't play anymore

What you need:
One or more level 70 characters
Verified Paypal Account

The Idea
There are several websites out there such as mmoteam that offer a renting service. When you rent your account, you allow someone else to use your account for them to farm gold so they can sell it. In return, you can get cash, gold, or free powerleveling... What we are after is the $$$.

Now, depending on your class and gear, you can get anywhere from 8-10 dollars a day for each account that you rent. If you have five 70's, then you could make anywhere from 40-50 dollars a day. If all the 70's are on just one account and are planning to not play anymore then it would be a great investment to move each 70 to individual accounts and rent them.

Here is some math on your potential earnings.
Each account costs 15 dollars to keep up every month. It takes a one time fee of about 60 dollars to upgrade from trial to the regular BC expansion. So 75 dollars of expenses the first month. For this demonstration we are going to use 9 as the amount of money you get daily.

First Month: $9.00 x 30days - 15 - 60 = $195
Second Month: $9.00 x 30days - 15 = $255
Third Month: $9.00 x 30days - 15 = $255

What this means is that you will make 195 dollars your first month with all expenses and 255 dollars every month with EACH account afterwards.

So therefore....

If you have 2 accounts you would make: $390 your first month
If you have 3 accounts you would make: $585 your first month
If you have 4 accounts you would make: $780 your first month

You would surely make WAY more money your second month.

Now, you might be thinking, won't I get banned?
Chances are, you probably won't. If you log in while the other user is farming, then yes. If you end up doing this, do not log in.

They are scammers, thats what they are!!
I had a conversation with a representative of mmoteam and they told me that you can rent out for as long as you like. In their words, "we need as many accounts". Yes, their English skills are not that great, but they sure do pay. They are paypal verified and only send payments to other verified paypal accounts. If you use the search function on here, you will see that many other people have had success with mmoteam. I have personaly rented my account to them and have been payed every day 9.00 for each of my accounts (two).

Why did I rent my account?
I am off to college and I am not gonig to have time raiding. Thats pretty much all I do and there will be conflicts between raiding and college. I am better off renting my account and earn a few bucks on the side to make college life a little easier.

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Klancy on August 21, 2008 at 4:51 AM said...

Never rent accounts. The only companies that pay you for them are companies that have BAN rates that are so ridiculously HIGH that it's more expensive to buy accounts and not get banned, then dupe gamers into renting accounts for a few days (and a few bucks) until it gets banned.

- Rpgreseller, straight from the horses mouth. I've been in this industry for 7+ years now. Never rent your game account, you WILL get banned.

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