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WoW Exploit: Darkmoon Faire - AFK Guide to 10k of gold

> Most of you already know that you can make a lot of money with darkmoon faire. For those who don't the thing is basically, there are 2 NPCs there that sell precious items for low prices. Those items spawn every 20 minutes or so, 1 or 2 of each. Rare gems, valuable plants and such. This guide will help you with buying all that spawns without worrying about any competition and even doing it AFK, no trouble, free gold.

WoW Cheats

This is the method me and a friend of mine used to make 10k gold in one darkmoon faire week. It works wonders, just follow the instructions. Also, having 2 people do this is easier since there are 2 npcs to be camped, and it works best if each of you just camp one of them at once.

Basically, we'll use 2 utilities, one that opens and closes the vendor window, and another that buys whatever you set it up to buy from that vendor.

Now, for the instructions:

The 2 things you need to download:

  • FreeRefills addon - This is an addon that buys stuff instantly from vendors, without having to even change the vendor pages, giving you a lot of advantage when racing to buy spawnable items, against other players since you dont have to search, turn the pages or click the items :)

  • AutoHotKey - This is the clicker which will open and close the vendor window. Most of you probably know it and know how to work with it better than me lol.

How to set them up:


Install it as you do any other addon.

Enter wow, enable it and start adding what you want it to buy using the commands:
/freerefills add [itemlink] #

[itemlink] - is obviously.. the link of the item you want to buy. For example, go to the AH, search for "Fel Lotus", shift-click it and there you have the link.
# - is the max quantity you want to have on your inventory of that item. (you'll want to set it to a high value, since you'll want to buy as much as possible, example: 500)

Example: /freerefills add [Fel Lotus] 500

Now, repeat the process for all the things you want to buy. And here I give you a list of some of the items we used to buy:

NPC (Lhara):

  • Fel Lotus

  • Black Lotus

  • Mountain Silversage

  • Netherbloom

  • Nightmare Vine

  • Enchanted Leather (this sells pretty badly)

  • Golden Sansam

  • Ghost Mushroom

  • Dreamfoil

  • Terocone

NPC (Professor Thaddeus Paleo):

  • Dawnstone

  • Living Ruby

  • Nightseye

  • Noble Topaz

  • Star of Elune

  • Talasite (check price on AH first to see if there is any profit buying for 12g)

  • Mote of Air

  • Mote of Earth

  • Mote of Fire

  • Mote of Life

  • Mote of Water

  • Mote of Mana

  • Mote of Shadow

Note: You'll be needing some money to buy those items.. so get your char with at least 200g or something.. just keep checking for it not to go out of money.

WoW Cheats

Download and install.

This will be the basic script you'll be using:


MouseClick, right, XXX, YYY ; Open the NPC

Sleep 2000 ; Give it some time to buy the items, cause of lag and stuff..

Send {ESC} ; Close the vendor window

Sleep 500 ; wait for it to close lol lagz and stuff


XXX - Coords on the X axis
YYY - Coords on the y axis

To find out the right coords, I usually use the "AutoScriptWrite" included with AutoHotkey, just record yourself clicking where you want to, and then check the coords and use them on the basic script I provided.

To pause the script just press "CTRL+ALT+P" which is the shortcut set on this code line "^!p::Pause".

Final Notes:

  • Works best with 2 people, one camping each NPC.

  • You should use first person view since it will lower the chance anyone will get on your line of sight to the NPC.

  • You should lay on the ground inside the NPC, which will make you harder to be seen by other people and at the same time you wont be reported for obstructing the NPC to anyone.

  • Basically.. dont care about being reported.. We were reported tons of times, nothing happened to us. GMs take tons of time to investigate such matters.. And Darkmoon will be gone by then.

  • Its obviously better to do this when the Faire is on your faction's ground, or shatrath at least. Going on the other faction's ground will most likely get you killed pretty fast.

  • Keep going to the AH everyday or so to sell what you buy, so you can get money to buy some more items.

  • One very important thing I would advise you not to do is selling everything you get at once, since you'll flood the market and lower the item prices, getting you a lower profit. Just keep selling them in small amounts at once, keep going to the AH everytime you sell something, but dont keep large amounts at auction at once.

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