Friday, February 1, 2008

WoW: Quiet Grinding Spot

I found this is a quiet little grinding spot on . I basically have everything I want on my characters so I figured I'd share it.

In the bottom left of the map you'll see Purgation Isle. Back in the day this island was populated by level 30 -32 elites. I believe there was a alliance quest giver or quest target here, but I haven't seen Judge Thalgram around. Anyhow, I don't know when but Blizz jacked up their levels to 57-59 elite and as far as I can tell took out the Ally quest stuff. So basically there is no need for anyone to go here now. So i'm bored one day and just got done helping a bud out in TM and decided to run around. Saw the island on map and noticed i haven't been there. 15 mins into grinding the [Skullflame Sheild] dropped for me. Sells for about 500g on my server. Plus the mobs drop anywhere between 5s to 27s which is about the same as an Outland mob. Plus the random greens,blues, and runecloth it adds up to make a good grind. So far i've gotten 3 skullflame sheilds, 48 pristine black diamonds, and numerous others. The mobs here are undead paladins,clerics(best drops), justicars (warriors), and mages. They don't hit very hard and die pretty easy. Best of all noone thinks to come here anymore if they ever did so for all you on a PvP server can grind,glide,chill etc without concern of being attacked...


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