Friday, February 29, 2008

RLC Trick Page

When you click on the Balloon Icon left of the chat, you see lots of the actions your avatar can do. You can also type those out with the /

Sometimes one of the letters of that action is enough, like the /n for No. Sometimes two, like /bl for Blowkisstofans and /bo for Bow. When you type just /b , one time it will do the Blowkisstofans, another time the Bow. Rule of thumb is, when you make it unique, it will perform that action. Like /poi for Point and /pol for Polite bow. Just try them all.

The same with the /c for the cage dances or catwalks for the ladies. Type /cat for a catwalk and /cag or /cage for a cage dance. Also, it is possible to type /catwalk0 and /catwalk1

The /d to dance or drink, will sometimes let you dance, sometimes drink. When you always want a dance move, then type /da

/dance_modern01 through to 27 gives u all the different dance moves
/drink to appear to drink and sit
/eat to eat something invisible or a mushroom at times
/fall to fall backwards and stand up again (male only)
/hug to invite someone to hug you
/hulahoop to start or to stop hulahooping
/juggle to start or to stop juggling
/kiss to invite someone to kiss you
/skate to give your avatar roller skates, to skate in the rink and in the lagoon; /skate again = off
/sk to fall like you slammed into something on skates.
/sleep to fall backwards and "sleep". An arrow key makes it stand again (male only)
/juggle + /sleep to fall backwards and ground slide (male only)

We also have /afk to make your avatar transparent to show you are afk (away from keyboard). Use /afk again to go back to normal.


* you can use emotes in the text chat to animate you avatar

:-) = smile
:-D = grin
:-P = tongue
:-( = frowns
>:-( = angry
>:-) = devil
:-/ = disappointed
;-) =wink
<_< >_> = shifty
o_O o_O = surprised
_ ! _ = finger
lol = lol
roflol = roflol
< 3 = Love You

In all the emotes having a - in it, you can leave that - out to get the same result.

Other handy keys, to be used outside of the chat box. Enter key : to get the cursor in your chat box or out of it

/ : with cursor outside your chat box, let you view your avatar from the front; / again =
normal view

- : to make a print screen of your screen, in General chat the name is shown, just to you

= : to get rid of the chat text and all buttons, nice for print screens; = again to
get everything back

, or < : to turn your view left without moving your avatar

. of > : to turn your view right without moving your avatar

k : to zoom in

l : to zoom out

Tab : to go from one chat tab to the next, handy when having private message screens

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