Monday, January 21, 2008

AoC pushed back...again

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Now that I have smoked a cigarette and drank a beer, I will give a more civilized observation:

My problem is not that the game has been pushed back again. My problem is funcom sugar coating what is really going on. It does not take 8 months to polish a game. It sounds to me like they have promised so many things yet none of it is even ready for testing (which basically means its non-exsistant). Funcom promises to smash any and all MMORPGs through their amazing features and such. What would TRULY smash any MMORPG in the business is to be TRUTHFUL with the community. Most gaming companies today tell us what we want to hear, not what is actually the truth. Personally, I think Funcom is no where near where they suggest they are. I think that this game, even with this new delay, will be no where near complete according to what their videos/website says. I just hope that this "polish" doesn't go on any longer than May. That would be very very bad financially for Funcom, as I am sure they would lose many many customers.

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