Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Anyone else having a hard time actually finding a long-term MMO they like?

I got into MMOs back in 2003 through a friend who played on a private Lineage 2 server. I got hooked on the game and played it religiously for about 2 years on said pserver and then later switched to retail which I played until 2010. Ever since 2010 I've been trying new MMOs, old MMOs I had never played before etc and every single time I would just go right back to playing L2 for a few months until I got bored again, rinse and repeat..

2 years ago I just dropped the game entirely, due to their really shitty F2P model and just not having enough time anymore to play a game that is basically a second job.

Anyway, so for about 6 years now I've been trying MMO after MMO, like them at the start but after 2 weeks - 2 months depending on the game I just suddenly see "through the bullshit" and get bored. Recently the same happened again with World of Warcraft, which is a game I had not played until 4 months ago. I played 2 months leading to the new expansion, enjoyed the leveling etc then legion launched, enjoyed the new content for a bit.. and here I am a month and a half down the line and the same thing hits me again.

At this point I'm just starting to think that I maybe just outgrew MMOs? I mean I still like the concept and every time I try a new one I do genuinely enjoy the experience... for a while. But I just can't seem to find a game I can play for what seems like forever just like L2 back in the days.

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