Friday, April 8, 2016

Have Steam legalized gambling for youngsters?

Gambling in general is a big issue for some people but as competitive gaming is becoming a normal thing for gamers, gambling is as well. If you have a 13 year old boy or girl playing (lets say Counter Strike) with skins and they decide to go bet on their favorite team and lost or won a lot of money, shouldn’t that be illegal since you have to be 18 or even older to bet on like “normal” gambling sites?
Take (CSGODOUBLE) that’s just like a casino where you place coins on a color and the site will spin for you. Do you think it’s okay to make money on kids that’s addicted to gambling?

Or just the fact that for example Counter Strike have their cases like a form of gambling and use micro transactions to allow kids or anyone to use a little amount of money at once to gamble.
I personally think the sites should make a age restriction policy that won’t allow “kids” to use the sites.

Apparently, because Twitch is based in California, giveaways on it fall under the gambling laws of California, so it brings with it a bunch of restrictions. This is supposedly in the terms of service actually, they just haven't been enforcing them, or they just changed it. Towliee got his account suspended for it "earlier this week". But twitch has yet to release an official statement.
" - We can no longer do subscriber, donator, or (insert monetary benefit) giveaways.
If we choose to do any kind of giveaway, it must be free to all people in chat, the winner and contestants must be 18+ and be a resident of the United States of America
If a giveaway is done, the winner must be shown on screen, verified of everything in the above, as well as all contestants entered must be shown so people can verify that they were entered (?) "
sources: รข€” When you talk too much for TwitterTwitch ToS, relevant part under "Promotions": this turns out to be true, that's gonna suck.

In America alone is it illegal to gamble in some states and CSGODOUBLE is located in one of those states (Delaware) which means they are breaking the law acording to the law in Delaware. The owners clearly don’t care that they are making money on addicted humans or kids for that matter.
Since our world today is about money would you ever stop to think if this will end?
I mean the sites that are running these games that allow kids to make thousands of dollars..

Please let me know what you think..

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