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Getting Started In The VWW

Welcome to the Virtual World Web!

There’s a whole new world out there just waiting for you to join in. The Utherverse community consists of the RedLightCenter, Virtual Vancouver, Rude Virtual, and, very soon…your personal neighborhood. Join in as every day, millions of users interact in realtime. As part of the Virtual World Web you will be able to design and showcase your very own Virtual district.

We want to get you set up as quickly as possible, so this quick-start guide has been written to give direction on how to set your Region. Begin by organizing the permissions for your regions then transport through them as an avatar. The last step is to connect your rooms to each other to create a district of the Utherverse. Welcome to the neighborhood!

How to get your Regions set-up in the VWW:

Part 1: Settings from your Social Center Profile

1. Sign into your Social Center profile. This can be done in two ways:

a) go to and login using your email and


b) login in-world and select "My Profile" from the upper right drop down menu
(circled in red). Select the "My Home" link at the top.

2. Along the right side of the profile there will be a section called “Your Vitual Properties”. Select one and you will be taken to a screen that lists the rooms under your control. Choose the region you wish to start with and select “House Rules.”

Room Settings:
On the right is the Room Settings tab. This tab lets you lock out specific dimension and language combinations if you are not there. To do this, just pick the desired combination of dimension and language and check the box below it.

If the “Lock if I’m away” box is checked for a specific region/language combination then that combination will not open without the presence of your avatar.

Cover Charge:
In the bottom right there is a “Cover Charge Settings” box. Click on enable to open the menu.

Cover Amount - Sets the cost in Rays for an entry ‘ticket’
Ticket Lasts - The ticket will be good for this time period.
Active Between - This is the time period (In Pacific Time) that the cover charge will be instituted in the club.

Save your settings when done.

List Management:
In managing your region you will need to create lists that you can add specific functions to such as Prop Editing or Booting. For example creating a Prop Editor list and a boot list would be a good place to start. Go in the List Management box and name your list. In the example below the list has been called “Prop Editors”. When you click ‘Go’ the box will open and allow you to add usernames. Type in the name of the user and click ‘Add’. Their name will appear in your list.

If you would like to create a boot list, the same process is followed, but it should be named something like ‘boot’ or ‘kick’ so that you know who should be on that list. This does not enable those on the list to Prop Edit or Boot yet, it simply connects names on lists so that you can enable rights.

Setup your House Rules:
Now using the lists you have created you can set the permissions for those lists. In the example below the list created above, the user has set “Allow” for “Prop Editors” to “Decorate”. Click on Create to finish setting the rules.

Using “Allow” will give a user an Action in your regions. If you would like to remove an action then select ‘Deny’ in the menu.

Blocking Users from Regions - “Deny” is used for those you wish to deny entry to a user. For example in List Management, create a “Blocked” list. Then set your House Rules to “Deny” “Blocked” “Enter the House”.

Finally, some helpful hints are posted at the bottom of the page so check there if needed.

Part 2: Connecting your Regions In-World

1. Learn how to transport from region to Region:

From the Upper Right dropdown menu, select Property Manager (circled in blue).

A list of all the regions available to you will be shown. Right-click on any of them and a menu will pop up. Select “Go There” and your avatar will be transported to that region. This is one room out of all the ones that you control. For every region you will need to “Go There” and then set up the Owned Start Point.

2. Set an Owned Start Point (the spawn or entry point).

a) Decide on two areas you want to connect. Go to one and position your avatar in the spot that would be ideal for entrance. In the picture above the avatar is just in front of the door but any accessible location may be used.

b) Click to open the Start Point Manager (circled in green). Beside “Name:” type any desired name (ie. Main Entrance, Room 1 IN, Room 1 OUT; whatever makes sense to you). Once again, the owned start point is where the avatar will end up after clicking on a door. In the picture above the Owned Start Point is called “Main Entrance”. Select Close.

3. Create a door to lead to this start point.

a) Go to any location where you would like to have a door to the newly created Owned Start Point (Property Manager- then right click on the location).

b) Open the Prop Editor. Prop Editing is the term for moving the in-world objects around and/or adding functions to them. To do this, select “Prop-Editor” from the Upper Right dropdown menu (circled in purple).

c) Click on the 'Add' prop icon to Add a new prop. A menu will pop up that lists all the props available.

d) Type “door” in next to ‘Keyword:” and click ‘find’. Select the first ‘door’ on the list and then click ‘create’. A Red door will appear. Many doors can be used but for this initial setup, it is best to keep it simple.

e) To move this door to the desired location:

Rightclick on it and select “place”. The door will move with your mouse and can be adjusted as follows:

Move Prop Horizontally - Prop will move with mouse
Rotate Prop Horizontally - Mouse ScrollWheel Up/Down
Move Prop Up/Down - CTRL + ScrollWheel
Enlarge/Shrink Prop - CTRL + Shift + ScrollWheel

Left Click on mouse when done.

f) Now to make this door lead to your Owned Start Point. Rightclick on it and choose “Properties”. At the top of the Prop Editor Window, click on the ‘Scripts” Tab.

g) Open the Dropdown menu next to Script and change it to “Move to Owned Start Point.” Set the Parameters underneath; The first drop down menu selects what room the door should lead to (Target Instance) and the second one lets you chose the Owned Start Point (Spawn Point) that was set up earlier. In the example above “Main Entrance” has been selected.


Here are some more links for the Utherverse and Virtual World Web:

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