Wednesday, January 3, 2018

MMORPGs: 2018 and beyond.

To help reduce the typical end of the year, "What's coming in 2018" posts, here is a little guide to help highlight some of the larger, more anticipated titles on the horizon. By no means is the list perfect, nor does it contain every title, but hopefully someone here will find it useful.

By design, this list excludes expansions to preexisting MMORPG series, console titles, failed Korean releases coming to Western audiences in the future, upcoming aRPG titles, and other titles that cannot be qualified as "Massively" (ex: 4/6/32/64 player lobby servers).

2018-2019 release titles:
Crowfall - PVP
Dark and Light - PVP
Darkfall: New Dawn - PVP
Dual Universe - PVP
Legends of Aria - PVP
Life is Feudal MMO - PVP
Gloria Victis - PVP
Wild West Online - PVP

Ascent: Infinite Realm (Project W) - PVE+PVP

Project : Gorgon - PVE
Shroud of Avatar - PVE

Ashes of Creation - PVP
Camelot Unchained - PVP
Chronicles of Elyria - PVP
New World - PVP
Star Citizen - PVP
Worlds Adrift - PVP

Forsaken Legends - PVE
Lost Ark - PVE
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - PVE
Saga of Lucimia - PVE

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