Monday, July 18, 2016

Naruto Online Coming to West on July 20

The fabled Naruto Online MMORPG, launched in China way back in 2013, will finally make its way to the West on July 20, courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment and Tencent Games. The Naruto title will be free-to-play on the PC, and it will be nothing like the Ninja Storm series: it will be the full-fledged MMORPG that some Western audience segments have been yearning for since 2013.

According to Oasis Games, the designer and publisher of the game, Naruto is based on the Naruto manga storyline, in fact, it stays quite faithful to it. Apparently, Naruto Online will be the only way to continue the story. Five new characters will be featured in the MMO as well, one representing each of the five elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Lightning. Players will be able to slip into the shoes of each of these characters. There will be a single-player mode as well as a multi-player mode, which will see parties of players raid dungeons and take on various boss monsters.

The Naruto story will be covered through nine separate arcs and it will allow players to visit iconic locations from the Naruto universe, like the Village Hidden in the Sand, the Valley of the End and the Village Hidden in the Leaf. Perhaps even more interestingly: the game will feature the original voices from the anime, therefore its authenticity will indeed be highly appealing to fans of the series.

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