Thursday, June 18, 2015

People who like video games like casino games?

People who like video games like casino games?

I have recently checked with alot of friends of mine who play alot of video games if they like casino game also. For example roulette, black jack or slotmachines. It was interesting to find out that about 6 out of 10 enjoyed playing casino games. Either online or going to their local casino to play some casino games.

That make me start to think that video game providers should add more of a casino touch to there. For example Swtor Contraband have a slotmachine where you can win valuables. Im sure the interest of a video game would increase if there was a element of luck also which could give you an extra boost on your quest thoughout the game.For example i would suggest video game developers to use guidelines for slotmachines as a preference when they make the game. Because imaging if video game developers and casino game developers could cooperate and help each other in the fields they are lacking. Im sure the games would turn out superb. Anyways just food for thoughts.

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