Sunday, May 19, 2013

Neverwinter Auction House Taken Offline Due to Exploit

After an exploit involving Cheat Engine allowed players to dupe Astral Diamonds, which could then be converted into Zen, the Gateway, or Neverwinter's Auction House was taken offline. While the Neverwinter team reacted quickly, there has been no announcement of the actions they plan to take to restore the damage caused other than a forum post explaining how they will be "taking action" against accounts that "utilized" this exploit. Many players feel that a roll-back might be the best move to make, but they would likely face a good amount of backlash from a rollback as well.

When exploits such as this are found, the consequences to the gameplay can often be game-breaking, and frankly, exciting to execute. When Diablo 3 had it's Auction house dupe happen, Blizzard was able to handle the situation relatively well-- by taking all of the RMAH profits of banned accounts and donating it. But will Neverwinter be as hasty and crafty? Residue from a dupe often lingers from accounts not being banned or identified, and with Neverwinter still being such a new game, the potential for exploits of this caliber are to be expected, but may very well affect the game's world for a lasting period of time.

While it appears that the Gateway is back online now, what do you think the Neverwinter Team over at Perfect World should do to fix the problem, and if you executed the exploit yourself, what are your plans? ...

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