Monday, August 24, 2009

WoW Gold delivery now simplified with SMS notifications on your cell phone

You can't play World of Warcraft (WoW) on your cell phone (or can you?), but now WoW gold farmers can send you a text on your cell phone as soon as your WoW gold order is ready to pick up! This is a great solution for the busy gamer who doesn't want to be hovering over his computer waiting for his WoW gold to be delivered.

As many WoW gold buyers have experienced, it is uncommon for your WoW gold to be delivered the same moment that you place your order. Often there is a wait of several minutes, or sometimes hours or more before your gold is delivered. This delay can be caused by a supply shortage or due to the difficulty of connecting the buyer with the seller to meet face to face for delivery. Consider that most buyers are from North America, and most sellers are from Asia; this is a considerable time zone difference - it is easy to understand why sometimes meeting for a delivery of WoW gold can be difficult.

The first company to offer this SMS gold service is They custom tailored it to assist with WoW gold deliveries, which require face to face meetings to be safe.

MooGold is a place that allows buyers to shop from many sellers at once, encouraging sellers to compete for your business. Their aim is to provide a more competitively priced service with redundancy and faster delivery times.

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