Monday, July 13, 2009

EVE Ban Wave Leads to ISK Prices Tripling

Hell hath no fury like an MMO developer scorned. At least that's what one might say when looking at what happened to Eve Online ISK sellers at the end of June.

Two weeks ago CCP initiated a largely undocumented ban wave. According to unofficial data it seems to be one of the largest in scope, pushing the price of ISK up from USD 2.50 to USD 6.50 USD per 100mn ISK.

One potential cause for this massive strike against ISK farmers could be the recent case of a player defrauding an in-game bank which he ran. The according to the game-rules 'legally' embezzled amount was valued at roughly 5000 USD. It is possible that this highly publicized case lead the Iceland-based developers of the game on the trail of major currency trading operations.

Ricdic, as the former CEO-gone-rogue of the bank called himself in the game, acquired a currency amount probably too large to sell to any single company alone. In the process of getting rid of his hot goods and transferring them in return for real USD, he probably revealed several large currency trading networks.

Data acquired this way could be responsible for a ban wave that hit the game and wiped out major parts of the Eve ISK shops.

Putting the wipe in numbers: At the current rate, it will the market another 6 months till Eve Online ISK reaches the price level it had before the ban.

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